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At Dr. Raina's Safe Hands, we believe there is a better way to aware people of HIV. We do give HIV Patients 100% of the assurance to treat the virus with a 100% for sure result. HIV Treatment is such a thing that saves people and increases their living lives. We're obsessively passionate about our work with our dedicated team, our mission is to cure people from HIV or any sexual issue that they have. We focus on studying the information on Diet, Food Nutrition and Body workout for HIV and Sexual disorder topics. "A complete set of medication routine is a base to treat any disease or virus" from any disorder such as HIV / AIDS, Testosterone deficiencies, STD, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Herpes, Hepatitis B, Human Papillomavirus, Chlamydia, Genital Warts, Pubic Lice, Scabies and Trichomoniasis.

Dr. Raina’s Safe Hands is a multispecialty polyclinic which is specialized in treating HIV AIDS / HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), Pep and Prep medication, Pep treatment and Prep treatment are one of the most effective treatments for HIV patients...Read More

These services are dedicated to our visitors to any age group who are 18+. Our clinic is 24x7 days open for treatments for both males and females.

DR. RAINA'S SAFE HANDS director Dr. Vinod Raina is a leading Sexologist. Being a senior MBBS doctor he is carrying the proficient experience for 19 years in the medical industry. Moreover, he is an active member participant and speaker of national and international medical conferences in AIIMS. He has been awarded at National Conferences. His positive and active approach towards his profession has saved more than thousands of people. He conducts CMEs (continue medical education) and conferences on causes of HIV / AIDS, Pep Treatment and Sexual Dysfunction treatment and food diet nourishment regularly to educate & update medical professionals about the subject and expand his knowledge.

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